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Why is it so difficult to develop innovation in a company? What skills can we work on to be more innovative or even to transform our own company? We all agree that applying innovation strategies can be a turning point in the direction of a business, but exactly knowing what to do is much more complex. For this reason, starting to develop professionally in the world of innovation can be a good first starting point.

Innovation is a key point on which many companies pivot, but the first thing we must understand is that innovation is not a skill as such. To develop innovation and carry it out in your workplace, there are many different skills that you can work on. For this reason, and on the occasion of going back to school, we want to share our list of courses to learn about innovation.

The 7 innovation courses to go back to school

1. Strategic Innovation: Building and Sustaining Innovative Organizations

Innovation courses: Strategic Innovation

This is one of the courses that make up the University of Illinois-Champaign MBA, which can be completed fully online. This course has extensive content that ranges from product strategies, disruptive innovation and differential value models for your projects.

💻Mode: Online
📖Content: 20 hours, divided in 36 videos in 4 modules
💰Pricing: 41 €/month

2. The Innovation System

Innovation courses: The Innovation System

The Innovation System is a course that focuses on the concept of innovation and how it can be put into practice. It is aimed at innovation leaders, but also for employees of all types of companies: from the smallest to the largest corporations.

💻Mode: Online
📖Content: 7 hours divided in 26 videos and 4 modules, plus practical exercises.
💰Pricing: 497 € for personal use, or 199 € for organizations. 

3. Innovation Management

Innovation courses: Innovation Management

The course is taught by the Erasmus University of Rotterdam and focuses on innovation around the concept of leadership, so it is a good course if you are looking to implement innovation from the highest levels of your organization, but also immerse yourself in basic concepts, such as terminology, theories and much more.

💻Mode: Online
📖Content: 11 hours divided in 32 videos and 9 weeks, plus a final exam.
💰Pricing: 41 €, if you want to own a certificate.

4. Innovation Through Design: Think, Make, Break, Repeat

Innovation courses: Innovation Through Design

Working on your design skills can be a way to work on innovation. This is how this innovation course works — you will learn to use design as a tool to think strategically and use innovation, and apply it in a practical way.

💻Mode: Online
16 hours in 5 weeks, with 20 hours of video content.
💰Pricing: Free, without a certificate..

5. Business Model Innovation

Innovation courses: Business Model Innovation

As you can infer from its title, the Business Model Innovation course focuses entirely on innovation applied to the business model. Therefore, the content that you can expect from this course is totally oriented to business-related methodologies.

💻Mode: Online
📖Content: 34 videos divided in 5 modules and 5 weeks.
💰Pricing: 67 €, if you want to own a certificate.

6. Creative Thinking: Techniques and Tools for Success

Innovation courses: Creative Thinking

Because sometimes it is simply about developing our most creative side, this course offers content techniques and tools to develop creative thinking and put it into practice without failing in the attempt.

💻Mode: Online
📖Content: 20 hours divided in 4 weeks and 11 videos.
💰Pricing: Free

7. Innovation: From Creativity to Entrepreneurship Specialization

Innovation courses: Innovation From Creativity to Entrepreneurship Specialization

To have a solid foundation in the innovation race, you need to know how to identify and take advantage of opportunities. This is the premise under which this University of Illinois course works. You will be able to learn to develop innovative value propositions and how to take them into action.

💻Mode: Online
📖Content: 8 months, coursing 4 hours per week. It is composed of 7 courses that you can take separately.
💰Pricing: Free without a certificate.

Other resources to learn about innovation

Innovation podcasts

Podcasts are the new books and through them you can learn loads of things without even realizing it. There are tons of podcasts about innovation, creative process, entrepreneurship and corporate innovation.

👉These are our favorite innovation podcasts including Corporate Lab's podcast - Innovation Takes Guts👈

Innovation blogs

Innovation blogs

Following an innovation blog like Corporate Lab's can help you stay up to date with industry news or learn new concepts related to innovation.

Innovation books

If you prefer to get a good book and learn this way, you are in luck because there are many written resources that you can turn to.
👉These are our favorite innovation books 👈

Innovation events

Events (whether offline or online) are a great tool to keep up to date and also to meet people with the same interests as you and generate new contacts.

👉These are some of the most relevant innovation events worldwide 👈

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