Our game plan to build a new venture_

We build your new venture from touch base to orbit —  opportunity recognition, idea inception, design thinking, validating, scaling.
Our methodology is agile, hands-on, and data-driven.

We do it all for you: Research, design, develop, test, validate and scale.

We work in 10 sprints of 4 weeks each.At the end of each sprint, we meet and show you our progress, so you can decide the continuity of the project: GO or NO GO?

Click on each stage to learn more about it:

Contact our team to talk about your challenges. Game on.

We roll up our sleeves. Research, test, and analyze business ideas on the table -and under the table. We identify opportunities, and define the business solution that can bring most value.

We build prototypes and MVPs with no-code technologies that allow us to keep testing the market and the users. Pivot until we find the market fit.

We move heaven and earth to reach the right partners, clients and users so that we scale to a profitable startup.

Once the startup is on the right path, there are three alternatives:

⏣ Startup integrates in your company and we find the right founders for you.
⏣ VIKO, our mother company,  helps you scale it.
⏣ We look for a team or entrepreneurs that leads and operates it independently.