A revolution for the classic flip flops_

Surippa is much more than a flip flop: it is a shoe with a unique technology. Ideal for athletes or ailments, its patented sole is the revolution of the traditional flip flop.


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Manufacturing shoe molds since 1965_


Semic is a manufacturer of shoe sole molds with a long history. You read it right, molds. Not footwear, nor soles. A family business established in 1965 that does not want to remain stagnant.

The soles that Semic designs through its molds have a very innovative design, they are not the typical flat sole. Its patented technology, called Dynergy, stimulates circulation, cushions the footprint, and promotes recovery. This technology is incorporated by their customers: manufacturers in their shoes and sneakers.

Disrupting the flip flop market_


Semic proposes to innovate in products and open a new line of business. They are not going to stop supplying their current clients (the footwear brands), but they also hope to be a B2C.

For the first time, SEMIC decides to sell directly to the final consumer, and they are going to do it with a product never seen on the market. They have designed flip-flops with the best cushioning your feet have ever experienced, thanks to the 3D waves from the Dynergy technology. Goodbye, flat flip flops; hello, Surippa.

Corporate Lab's mission is to create this company from scratch. Semic transmits its idea to us and we have to figure out how to best apply it to the market.

To do this, we must enter the wonderful world of flip flops, do some research, know and define the buyer persona, set up the ecommerce, establish a pricing for an optimal product, and carry out all the necessary marketing actions to make the product known to the public and potential buyers. If all goes well, we will soon create a new billing source for our client.

Here we go!

Find the target audience of the product_


Finding Surippa's target audience would be the key to this project. Faced with a product with potential for the mass public, it was crucial to highlight its main feature: its incredible patented Dynergy technology.

For this reason, Corporate Lab built this new brand based on this point of differential value. Its target audience would be athletes, workers, or people with ailments. In short, an audience that values the importance of taking care of the health of their tired feet, willing to invest in good plantar technology.

With a defined target audience, an ambitious but effective pricing strategy was defined. A quality product with a high but fair price for an audience that fits perfectly with the value it promises.

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A product with a clear differential value_


Surippa has become synonymous with comfortable footwear. Nobody disagrees: they are the most comfortable flip-flops you have ever tried. Customer satisfaction is the best asset of this new product.

Our team of entrepreneurs, with their ideas and no-code skills, managed to develop their own sales platform in record time. This perfectly reflects the identity and differential value of this new brand. With an ecommerce in hand, Corporate Lab was able to confirm through advertising campaigns that there were several audiences that would be key for this product to be successful: athletes and workers who need to rest their tired feet after a long day.
Within weeks, the team's experiments confirmed what we already suspected: Surippa was able to reach these audiences at the price that had been set without having to make any changes, thanks to its incredible differential value.

In just one month, the first sale was carried out. In just 3 months, 1,000 pairs of flip flops had been sold exclusively from the sales platform created by Corporate Lab.

The numbers show that Surippa still has a long way to go. Today, Surippa continues its journey along with an agency specialized in digital commerce marketing: Elogia, a sister company of Corporate Lab, part of the VIKO Group.

Interface Design

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